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Beef Marrow Bones Osso Bucco (Cross-Cut Beef Shanks) Beef Oxtail
Beef Marrow Bones
Our Price: $9.00
Beef Oxtail
Our Price: $14.00
Large, bundle package.
Beef Marrow Bones... so delicious and hard to find. Many love the roasted marrow or try them in your favorite bone broth recipe like this one.
Also, check out our Bone Broth Bundle that includes Marrow Bones, Knuckle Bones and meaty Beef Shanks (Osso Bucco).

Osso Bucco are cross-cut beef shanks or shin bones.  They are a "hard to find" cut of beef.  Osso bucco means 'hollowed bone' which refers to the marrow-filled shin bone that the dish "Osso Bucco" is made from.  These are presented 2 per package.

Cut in sections, packaged as a bundle.
Oxtail is a great source of protein, fat and rich in gelatin. Any slow-cooked meat is great for a low-carb diet. Make a delicious oxtail soup or add to your beef broth recipe.
Bone Broth Bundle Whole Beef Head
Bone Broth Bundle
Our Price: $24.00
Whole Beef Head
Our Price: $35.00

We have put together a Bone Broth Bundle with Beef Shanks, Knuckle Bones and Marrow Bones...approximately 6 lbs. of bone and beef.
These bones have grown in popularity recently for their necessity in making bone broth. Bone Broth is nutrient dense and is valued for its health benefits.

We offer whole beef heads. The cheek meat is amazing for tamales. Or try this recipe for cow head barbacoa by the Homesick Texan.
Tongue will be left intact upon request.
We do not ship these and have a limited number. If you are interested, please contact me. Heads are not shipped. Must pick up at the ranch.