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SAMPLER BEEF BOX "The Smoke & Grill Guru" Box The Grill Master Beef Box
Our Price: $129.00
The Grill Master Beef Box
Our Price: $249.00
2 Sirloin Steaks
4 lbs. Ground Beef
1 Top Round Steak
1 pkg. of 2 Beef Shanks for Slow Cooking/Soups/Bone Broth
1 lb. All Beef Breakfast Sausage
2 lbs. Sirloin Tips
3 Beef Sticks
All ranch-raised and 21 days dry-aged from our family to yours.
Only $129

The Smoke & Grill Guru is the one who brings all the flavor to life with smoke and flame. This makes a great gift--Valentine's Day, weddings, birthday, anniversary, house warming, Father's Day! You can order anytime and let us know what week you want it shipped!

This curated box of grilling and smoking meats includes:

A large Brisket, 21 day dry-aged ground beef, premium steaks and beef short ribs.

Approximately 15-18 lbs. of premium 21 day dry-aged BEEF!
We also include our Callison Ranch Beef insulated bag and a Callison Ranch Beef t-shirt. (indicate size in comments please)

The Grill Master Beef Box is for the one who loves beef and likes to play with fire!

A great way to try all the steaks, this box includes approx.15 lbs. of premium beef perfect for grilling.

We pack this box with a variety of steaks (subject to availability) including:  Boneless and bone-in ribeyes, t-bones, NY Strips, Filets, Flank Steaks, Porterhouse and 21 day dry-aged ground beef.

The Grill Master Beef Box makes an excellent gift.